Out from Under
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When Gregory Marks is tricked into marrying a psychotic criminal addicted to methamphetamine and Prada shoes, only friendship, a gun and antidepressants can help him survive. Out from Under is one of those rare books that swings between despair and chaotic, comedic triumph. Two foreclosures, utter financial ruin, two career changes, being punked into marriage, a car-theft ring, two criminal brothers-in-law and a pair of teacup Chihuahuas drive Greg to the brink of self-destruction and, eventually, to a better life. Ultimately a story of triumph! Out From Under provides a true-to-life account of courage and humility, strength and vulnerability, humor and personal responsibility that are required ingredients to not only survive, but thrive and prevail over a challenge-filled past, chaos-laden present, and a treatable mental illness.


Out From Under is based on a truly horrific time in Mark's life. His life was in chaos, his depression was undiagnosed, his brother really had committed suicide, and the financial ruin and instability brought about several suicide attempts. The fictionalization of his journey enables him to speak on the issues of depression, suicide, childhood abuse, relationships and friendship with humor and heartfelt meaning. He spends his time in the desert community of Palm Springs, California and the mountain community of Idyllwild, California.