Taxi Driver-The Ill Fated Lad
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The book is about a real live story of the beauty of life when I had a wonderful income which ultimately gave me a glamorous lifestyle. I had a lavished apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where I was always entertaining my friends and their friends. Sometimes me and my friends would use limousine just for the night out. At the end of this company, and about six months without income, I sold my condominium at a reasonable price and relocated to Jersey City in NJ. I lived in this spacious apartment for another five months without income, I decided to drive a yellow cab. I went to TLC for my license to enable me to drive a taxi. I registered with a taxi company in Brooklyn and I became a taxi driver. Driving taxi and continued job hunting at the same time was daunting. Too many summonses from Police Officers and TLC Inspectors within a period of about four years taxi driving, my license was revoked. No more taxi driving, no more income and life became too miserable.


Vic K. A is a college graduate from a reputable university right here in New York City. I have a BBA in Banking and Finance and a minor in Accounting. I also have a two year certificate from the American Institute of Banking (AIB) in New York City. I have been working in the finance/accounting profession for almost thirty years. I have worked permanently for four huge corporations, not because I wanted to jump from one firm to the other, but because I was downsized along the way. My first job was with big brokerage firm on Wall Street that filed for bankruptcy decades ago that left almost twenty one thousand employees jobless. There had been too many moments of trials and tribulations over the years that finally have brought life back to me. I am at the my retirement age and currently living in my home in Queens New York.