Make Someone Smile
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Inspirational insights are explored on how to make others have a better day. You discover secrets to being more happy and grateful by helping other people smile. This lighthearted book gives children and adults a lifetime gift for creating a more positive environment for themselves and others. It is said a butterfly can flap its wings in the United States and cause a change in the air that results in a hurricane halfway across the globe. Your acts of kindness and appreciation may inspire others to act likewise; which may in turn inspire additional people, accelerating a ripple effect of ever-spreading kindness. These actions create an amazing impact by making the world happier one person at a time.


Vicki Ellis Hargrove, Ph.D., is a seasoned human resource professional, business consultant, and educator. She grew up in Murray Kentucky (USA) and graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor (B.S.) and Master (M.A.) degree in Business Education and Master (M.A.) + 30 semester hours in Vocational Administration from Murray State University (Murray, Kentucky, USA). She received her Ph.D. in Adult Education from The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, USA). Dr. Hargrove has a variety of certifications including Recognition Professional International Certified Recognition Professional (CRP), Emotional Intelligence (EI), MBTI, Creatrix and DiSC. She was responsible for the global roll out of a corporate innovation system and electronic performance management tool in a large corporation of 150,000 employees in 60 countries. She served on the corporate-wide recognition advisory committee responsible for two company recognition events, recognition website and documentation for the company's recognition best practices. She provided leadership coaching for the front line to the executive level manager and led business improvement teams. She is active in Recognition Professional International (RPI), serves as chair of the Learning Action Team, and is a member of the Board of Directors. She has facilitated and assisted in designing their recognition certification courses. RPI presented Dr. Hargrove with a Spotlight Award and the Harkins-Howell Excellence in Education Award for her service. She has also written The Smile Experience to accompany Make Someone Smile as a workbook and action planner to improve your ability to make people happier. Dr. Hargrove has written The Adventures of Scout which is about her beloved and naughty black lab. Her books are available in e-format and traditional format from Amazon.