The Chosen Ones
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There were consequences facing Coyote Hunter for her crime of choosing to kill her abusive white husband. Coyote Hunter prayed, "Oh, Great Spirit, please allow your servant to reach her loved ones. Please guide and protect this weak woman. Please let the babe be introduced to the Spirit World. I have placed all my trust in you, Great Spirit." The Great Spirit would answer her prayer, but not as Coyote Hunter trusted within her heart. There would be much for her to endure, and she would not understand the Great Spirit's purposes. Her heart would believe the Great Spirit had abandoned her. He had not. He used Coyote Hunter to make a way for his future chosen ones. All Apache know the Great Spirit blesses those he uses.


Dia Lynne Cardo was born and raised in the steep mountains of Kentucky. Cherokee blood flows through her veins. She has one daughter and two grandsons. She enjoys her family and works with her flowers. Her education comes from the lessons life gives us all. All know that life is a very good teacher.

Exhibited At: International book fairs