The Secret Is You
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THE SECRET IS YOU The secret that humanity has been searching for since the beginning of time is lying right here within you. How to awaken it and put it to use to transform your health, finances, relationships, career, and all that qualifies as success in your life, is what this compelling book is all about. A poor boy in Cameroon, Africa accidentally stumbled on the secret at the age of 8. By the time he was 36 he had risen to the rank of College President and achieved more than most people with his kind of background would dream of by the time they retire at 60. You will find in his story the evidence you need to leave you without a shadow of a doubt that your loftiest dream is a possibility you can make real. Beyond serving as a blueprint for material success, this book will ignite in you the passion to embrace the higher version of yourself and fulfill the higher purpose for which you came to earth.


Godfrey Nji Esoh is a medical scientist, educator, entrepreneur, and change agent. He couples his deep spiritual and scientific insights with the compelling evidence of his life experiences to inspire other people to live up to their highest potential. Nurtured during his school years in Government Bilingual High School Mbatu, Saint Joseph's College Sasse, and the University of Buea, Godfrey's leadership potential took a national dimension at the age of 17. Since then he has served in the following organizations: National President of the Mbatu Students' Association (MBASA), President of the Catholic Community of the University of Buea (CCUB), Academic Affairs Officer of the Health Science Students' Association of the University of Buea (HESSA), Founder and CEO of Excel Foundation Cameroon, and Co-Founder and Secretary General of the GBHS Mbatu Ex-Students' Association (MBAESA). He has occupied the following senior academic leadership positions: Administrative Director of the Higher Institute of Applied Medical Sciences Buea, Dean of the School of Medical and Biomedical Sciences of National Polytechnic Bamenda, and Rector of Jomatt Polytechnic Batibo. Godfrey is the Founder and CEO of two companies, namely, Legacy Company Limited Bamenda Cameroon, and Clinical Research Equity Agency Inc Massachusetts, USA. Godfrey has spoken in several schools, seminars, and conferences. He has authored 5 books, and he currently publishes a Daily Inspirational Series that reaches over 100,000 people each week through social media.