The Journeyman's Journey
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The most precious virtues of life are often lost because of their superficial presentations. It is the purpose set forth in the expressions of Dr. Melvin Bullock, Sr., as he retrieves life long memories, sharing what seem at first to be destructive weapons but throughout life's journey these retrieved experiences have taught lessons which would never have enriched lives of the neglected nor condemned their accuser. How much can the containers of life hold? Would their duration endure long enough to preserve the essence of life's values? Should the secret compartments of life remain open so that tomorrow's dreams would be fresh dreams void of yesterday's experiences and lessons? It is true; life's containers are the conscious and sub consciousness of every human being. It is where God has willed to advantage those who are not afraid to visit moments and occasions where they deem not to linger and delight in those occurrences yielding instantaneous satisfaction. Subconscious differs from its partner, conscious; it does not discriminate against the accepted or the rejected. It denies conscious the privilege of destroying lessons in time of fear, joy, sadness, failures and successes. Many occurrences in life become subconscious attachments Their lessons are taught to losers and winners. They are private conservations reminding us of our challenging moments whether they be negative of positive. Among my many life's experiences the greater are those housed in the book you hold in your hands. They could have robbed me of my physical, social, and spiritual platform. But I found an answer from the call of God biding me to come unto Him. I welcomed God's call. He feeds me daily recall after recalls, experience after experiences, and grace to grace. It has been my pleasure and joy to share with each of you. Please stay in tune for my quarterly (Sprinters). Dr. Melvin Bullock, Sr., Pastor of the Fishers of Men Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, P.O. Box 943, Henderson, North Carolina 27536