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Whether the reader is Christian, another religion, or a nonbeliever, I think one will find this work of fiction compelling. Mary: Woman of Sorrows is a work of historical fiction, a book based on the author's interpretation of the lives and experiences of two women named Mary who are more like sisters than friends. The story, as envisioned by its author, includes some of the events described in the Holy Bible (King James Version). Central to the story is the birth of Jesus, his life as a boy and a young man, his disciples, and his crucifixion. It also includes his miraculous resurrection as well as his continuing work with his disciples. In an unusual twist, the two central characters are Mary Mother of Jesus and the ever-present Mary Magdalene. Jesus and the apostles play a secondary role in this challenging and unusual tale. Although based on biblical events, some of the happenings in this tale are obviously fictional. One of the underlying themes of this centuries-old story is still a major issue today, and that is the submission of women to men in both the religious and the secular worlds. This contemporary interpretation of some of the characters, practices, and events in the Bible, as seen through the eyes of a woman of today, offer a powerful message regarding equality and respect.