The Gospel Lite
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"Tremendous product that I know I will find very useful" -- John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director It is Written International "Wonderful work on the synoptic gospels" -- Dr. David S. Saguan- Pastor, Teacher AIIAS, Caviet, Philippines "It was such a pleasure to read that I read it half through as soon as I got home with it. Without the duplications the story is much stronger and the sequence of events easier to follow." -- Ray Barger, Reader Taking a unique approach to harmonizing the Biblical accounts, Edwin Alan Salhany expertly weaves the four Gospel stories together into one continuous chronological narrative, removing duplication, and yet preserving all the details and nuances of the different writers. Using the venerable King James text, this is not a paraphrase, but a re-edit of the very Word of God. An invaluable resource for Bible students, pastors, and teachers, each period and incident in the Savior's life is identified and labeled, with full text references, dates, and indexes. This is not just another Gospel harmony, grouping related texts together. With this unique consolidation of the Good News it is possible to read all four Gospels simultaneously, and easily study the record of Jesus' life on earth.


The son of missionary parents Alan is a lifelong disciple of Christ and student of the Scriptures. A master mechanic and successful business owner Alan graduated college cum laude with degrees in theology and applied religion. He has served as an industrial arts, Bible and history teacher, school administrator, youth leader, church elder, and lay-preacher. His favorite areas of study include Bible history and chronology, eschatology, and the prophetic significance of the Jewish Tabernacle/Temple services and festivals. Alan and his wife Sue reside with their family in Ethridge, Tennessee, where they serve their community through their natural foods business, and their church as local leaders.