Inner Reflection
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Stepping into personal insights and stories with reflection of the past. Read the stories and come to better understanding of human condition. What it means to be a christian and of life itself. Expressing ideas, hurts, and pain with frustrations. As a person share themselves their dreams, and hopes revealed and problems are uncovered. As conversation in its own way. Brings healing process to life. The nature of each person is a gift that makes for meaning and joy including the world sounds. The song by "Blood Sweat and Tears, title "What Goes Up Must Come Down." Show the colors of your mind." By the sounds of nature. Perhaps too many listen to both and hear only silence or noise. I've discovered that God's graciousness and generosity each day. We can be rich in that surrounds you. As this book touches the hearts of those that discover the "Interreflection" of the hearts. Often, I observe, people do not allow themselves to experience the wholeness of life. So the life experience may have started with me as a small lad, working along with my grandfather, Amos Brady Westfall. As my grandfather worked several jobs, as a school teachwer in one room school, a blacksmith, and also a farmer in Jackson County, West Virginia. Growing up I went to school finished in "1970," then moved to Ohio and worked. Then I met my wife Fraun. We got married and had our first son two years later. We attended an Assembly of God. We then moved to my hometown in West Virginia, I worked in a small church there. I was working to become a minister. We had two other children. Their names is Roger, Shawna, and Brady. They grew up and married and blessed us with nine grandchildren. We now have seven great grandchildren. In 1990-1995 I pastored a small independent church. In 1995-2002, I pastored in West Virginia, and Holstein Conference in Virgina. I'm now retired and resides in Radford, Virginia, with family and friends.