God Has a Plan
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I was a student of the Bible from an early age. I was always fascinated by the stories from both the Old and New Testaments and always tried to apply the lessons learned to my own life. After spending years as a Sunday School Teacher, the Bible stories have stayed with me. I read the Bible every day; it has helped me enormously over the years. I am not ashamed to admit, that I prayed to God each time to send me a wonderful wife. I was never disappointed and will continue to communicate with Him on a regular basis. The inspiration for the poetry comes from many sources. A thought while driving or a thought that comes while watching something on television. In one case it was an incident that inspired me. I will on occasion place at the bottom of the poem, what it was that inspired the poem. This book of poems will be in three sections. - Poems of inspiration from my faith whatever the source - Poems from Bible references or from Bible Stories - Poems from my own personal life. Those produced from my own experiences that lifted me from my pit of despair or helped me to understand better God's love and inspiration Erwin Parent is now retired after completing a near 60-year career in Information Technology. He began writing poetry after the death of his first wife, Virginia, after a 35-year marriage. He has not stopped writing since. Erwin lost two wives to Ovarian Cancer. When discovered, they were both terminal and passed away in a matter of weeks. He kept them both at home and was alone with them both in the end. He wrote this book to help others who may be grieving after losing a loved one. He writes. "My time was not spent with grief, gloom and doom but was filled with Gods presence and inspiration" Please share information about this book with friends and family who may be going through this process now. Erwin's second book, "Thank God for You" a book of Love Poems is currently available on Amazon.


Erwin is a native of Boston MA. He relocated to CA in the 1970's. Erwin currently resides with family in Modesto CA. He has an active Facebook Page as well as an Author Erwin Parent Facebook Page. In addition to his books already published, he has several other books of poetry planned: The Four Seasons in Poetry - Poems of inspiration from the changing Seasons An Endless Row of White Crosses - Poems of inspiration from his own military experience in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. He was stationed in France, but was a member of an Honor Guard that also traveled to other locations in Europe for various events.