A Finger on the Light
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Does the man who denies the existence of a God-Creator of all things not run the risk of believing himself to be God? There are innumerable texts on atheism that are very popular nowadays! The question is: how do we separate the wheat from the chaff? The interest of this counterpoint to Richard Dawkins' atheism lies initially in its approach to the subject and its style; it subsequently becomes revealing and wisely enlightening. Its author Gilles Charles Vuille has not attempted, as Richard Dawkins does, to transmit his own personal opinion but does the complete opposite: indeed throughout the work we are aware of his concern to distil the message expressed in the powerful voices of a vast number of illustrious men and women who have experienced God's love. His meticulous research down the ages gradually causes the theories on atheism to lose their substance. Here indeed is a book that could lead us to the Light! Luc Claessens The author, Gilles Charles Vuille was born in 1943, in Geneva, Switzerland. His career has spanned 50 years of service and counselling, four of them spent outside his native Switzerland (in Cologne, Germany and New York, USA). In 1974 a remarkable event occurred in his life. Without realizing it, and in spite of himself, he fell into God's net. Being curious by nature, he tried to understand what had happened. And so, in parallel with his professional activities he studied, researched and read extensively. From 2004 his time was completely given over to two years of study for theological training. Writing being one of his favourite hobbies, he has taken up his pen to make this counter-point to Richard Dawkins in order to express his own discoveries as another seeker after the incarnate God, discoveries that have led him from a vague, unformed belief to a life of faith. Two paths, two choices.