Lifelong I Ching Readings
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All the troubles of the world--especially spiritual troubles such as impatience, hopelessness, depression, and anger--have roots in the human failure to communicate with the soul. Lifelong I Ching Readings is a lifelong workbook that makes apparent how you can receive answers to personal questions from the unseen guest that is always with you. Reason can analyze and organize, but only through intuition can the soul create. This book advances the power of intuition through the I Ching and helps you see the soul's perspectives and laws that pertain to all situations. If you have an open mind and a desire to know yourself, you can join the millions who have received inspiration, healing, and answers from the ever-present soul. Throughout this book, you will see examples of questions answered through listening to the unseen higher self that is always with you. These answers will come to you by consulting an expanded and simplified version of the I Ching that embraces the assistance of your intuition. The questions given in this book are personal and impersonal and can be adapted to your life. The personal questions address personal, relationship, health and self-awareness concerns raised by many of my counseling clients. The impersonal questions investigate the stages of changing thoughts into things, your cycles and stages of life, and the relationships between personality and soul. The process of getting answers to questions that you may not think of asking will help you understand the soul's purpose as well.


Allen David Young was born, raised, and educated in Berkeley, California, from grade school through his degrees along the way in math, management science, educational planning, and consciousness studies. After his first ten-year career as a university professor and business school dean, he spent the next six years immersed in the study of Jungian Psychology, dream work, clairvoyant training, and occult tools. For more than three decades, he has been employed as an intuitive counselor with numerous clients throughout the nation, and for the past decade, he has also served as a New Thought Minister for Centers for Spiritual Living.