Gettysburg the Cat
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The 137th New York Regiment courageously and heroically defended a key point of the Union defense during the Battle of Gettysburg on Culp's Hill. Matt McCabe, a young Union soldier, befriends a cat that instantly becomes a lucky pet for his immediate group as well as the whole regiment. The thoughts and feelings of young men in combat are explored and the battle is accurately described. The 137th received more casualties than any other regiment in the Union army. Matt McCabe survives the battle only to march away leaving his new found friend, Gettysburg the Cat, behind. Or does he? You will learn some of the daily activities of young men in war and how they behave in battle. War is a tragic, horrible experience, yet there is a bond of friendship that exists among the troops, and there are moments of both tragedy and humor, such as you would find in a Shakespeare play. This is an entertaining novel complete with pathos, historical accuracy, a few moments of humor, and a cat.


I have published three books on cats, beginning with Toby the Great and Other Stories, Toby the Great and Hannah, and Finnegan the Fairy Tale Cat. My writing on cats began ten years ago when I posted stories about cats on cat groups in yahoo. Eventually I compiled about 200 stories and combined them into a book. The last two books are novels about a fictional cat. My latest manuscript, Gettysburg the Cat, is a serious historical novel about a cat at the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Years ago I wrote short stories and lead articles for the Greenwich Village Motor Sports Club and a Good Sam Camping Club on Long Island. Writing came easy to me and it was only a short leap after many years to begin writing stories about cats. I graduated Yale University in 1954 where I majored in Psychology, with additional credits in English and Dramatics. I was one of the founders and Chairman of WYBC-TV, the first student owned and operated TV station in the world. I have been retired from the insurance industry since 1990 and now reside in Weeki Wachee, Florida, where I adopted six cats at the rate of one a year. It was the adoption of the cats that encouraged me to begin writing stories about them, and it was my introduction to yahoo groups of cat sites that persuaded me to publish the stories. The books have been distributed as far as England and Uzbekistan, appealing primarily to cat lovers. While the stories are principally fictional, they contain many factual incidents so that historical events are recreated with the insertion of a cat into the plot. There is a good deal of humor throughout the stories, so they make for easy reading for youngsters as well as for avid adventure readers.