Lysterium: Book 1
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Liv Worthington has known tragedy, but despite the violent death of her mother when she was a teenager, Liv has become successful and lives an ordinary life. But her secure and comfortable existence changes the day she meets Wes, a handsome stranger who has been following her. This chance meeting turns Liv’s life upside down and forces her grandmother to reveal a long-held family secret—a secret linked to her mother’s death—that could have even more dire consequences. Liv discovers that the fairytales her grandmother spun as a child about a magical world are actually true. She is aggressively thrust into that world—Lysterium, and learns she is destined by its Book of Prophecy to overthrow the evil Umaro. Something she doesn’t believe and struggles to come to terms with. She will have to face loss, horrors, and life-threatening odds as her past unravels and her future is uncertain. She must unlock the magic within herself and decide if she will be the key to Lysterium’s salvation, or aid in its demise by denying her importance.

Exhibited At: International book fairs