The Metaphysical Metamorphosis of Miss Nancy
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More About This Title The Metaphysical Metamorphosis of Miss Nancy


This supernatural thriller takes a lighthearted look at the heavy-handed in the spiritual world. It is the true story of one woman's courage and determination to overcome supernatural targeted oppression and suppression against all odds. Seemingly alone and defenseless, divine intervention would reveal itself time and time again to turn the tide in her favor to insure her survival. This is a trip to the inner high heart and divine soul, in order to survive the external forces that seemed to be determined to force fear, death, destruction, carnage and chaos. It is a feminine perspective and survivor's guide when you find yourself confronted by the dark side of the supernatural. Stay calm, and Shine the Divine... it is within you. The battles were supernatural. The fight with the unseen forces was never fair or provoked, and came out of the blue and at random. The choices of others had unleashed a spiritual and cosmic war zone in her personal world after the events of 9/11. The Archangels are REAL, and their protection, defense, and divine service work to the planet and her citizen souls is magnificent and evident in every chapter. This is a journey of discovery of the self, the soul, and the divine spirit within and around us. We heal, we reveal, and we recover to assist others who struggle with dark days and dark deeds.


Nancy L. Briggs has lived in the Helena, Montana area for more than 40 years, working and raising a family. She currently works as a floral designer and author. She is a master energy healer, does volunteer healing work in her free time, and has been called on to assist with global energy work. Her natural and normal world became supernatural and paranormal after the events of 9/11 when she experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening to the greater universe in 2005. She was divinely asked at that time to help with the healing work, and so it began.