The Way, The Truth, and The Life
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This nonfiction book has my autobiography in regard to when I was saved, redeemed, transformed, or found Jesus to be real. Lucifer a Spirit, needed and advocate such as Paul, and the author has never figured out, how theologians lump the whole K J B of 1611 together. This should cut down on the reading. In the book we find salvation to be physical, like the rest of the universe. We find the Holy Ghost to be seperate 'him or he, ' and not part of the what is called the Trinity or Godhead, it is seperate from God as a helper so the truth, it is quadruple with God as the creater. Receiving the Holy Ghost, is the only game in town, that is why it is not wise to blasphemy it. In the book then, I was born again, received the Holy Ghost in my mouth, saw an Angel in a Sunday school class blurting out, 'the day of judgment is coming, ' and that same evening was given 'the tree of life, ' as read in Revelation the Church of Ephesus. "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of 'the tree of life.'" 2:7 The explanation of being born again in St John 3:3-5 is found in Ezekiel 36:26-25-27 This nonfiction religious book is about the autobiography from when I was drinking and smoking from the age of fifteen in bars going to high school. In Rapid City, South Dakota you only had to be 18 in the 3.2 bars. It goes from a homemade trailer when born, being a P K preachers kid, two farms, the family following construction jobs, a divorce and head on collision at 19, 8 years in the Navy, up to 1968, the year of change. With bankruptcy on the horizon, and memories from child hood as a P K I wondered if religion was real I was 31? Several times I had an opportunity to become a Christian, 'according to the preachers standards, ' sitting on the back seat of several protestant churches on Sunday night. During those weeks, I never neglected the night life and bars. One night it seemed like it was my time, so I went forward. With the congregation calling me brother afterward, how could anything go wrong? Going to a gas station I called my mother, and it was at that time God replaced my heart that I was born with, and thirty days later gave me the Holy Ghost in the mouth the same way Jesus received it. Two years later I saw an Angel in a Sunday school class, and I blurted out 'the day of judgment is coming.' That same night, the only explanation that I could find in the K J B of 1611 was, God gave me, 'the tree of life.' In Revelation the church of Ephesus it reads "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the 'tree of life." St John 3:3-5 is explained in Ezekiel 36:26-25-27