Dangerous Sister
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Sisters... Vanessa is gorgeous and sophisticated. Downright selfish and conceited, she was too outspoken. Jazzmine is homely and quiet. Selfless and sensitive, she is gullible and naïve. Vanessa, the oldest, is ashamed of her fat, homely sister and she would do anything to get rid of her. Jazzmine, however, admires her older sister and looks up to her. Right before her high school graduation, terrible incidents began to occur in Jazzmine's life with her sister's assistance. Unable to face the people involved, she opts to move thousands of miles away to college. Upon departure, she vowed never to return unless it was an absolute emergency. Disaster strikes! Their father was in a tragic accident and he begs Vanessa to call her sister home. Reluctantly, she did. Jazzmine returns home. But, everything is so different and so new to Vanessa. Jazzmine is no longer the fat, homely girl who left her years ago. She is now JAZZ, a gorgeous, petite woman! Vanessa's attitude toward her sister changes from shame to dangerous jealousy. To what extreme is she willing to go?


Joclyn Gipson-Dilworth is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas and has been her entire life. She is a faithful member of Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Pine Bluff. She is married with two children. Writing has been her passion her whole life as she has been writing for as long as she can remember. She has written several novels, all of which vary from romance to drama to mystery. Her goal is to become well established in her writing ability and a renowned author.