Called to Serve

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This is a book I felt inspired to write to send a message to the world about why we are here and what our ultimate purpose in life should be. It tells the story of how I was raised and the subtle yet ever-present purpose of my parents' lives--to serve others and to do so joyfully. I was raised by simple yet ever-faithful Catholic parents and schooled for twelve years in Catholic schools by nuns. Every day of my life was filled with watching my teachers and my parents serve others--whether by donating time, teaching the word of God, or simply doing for those less fortunate something they needed done. I became an oncology nurse because of this and have been doing this for over forty-five years. There was never a doubt in my mind as to why we are here on this earth--it is to serve and strive to help others on the road to heaven.

Exhibited At: International book fairs