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More About This Title Reincarnation


I have written my book ‘Reincarnation Why and How’ to explain reincarnation rather than just try to give researched examples. There are a multitude of books today which by detailing examples of past lives that people have experienced and often historical details to prove those lives as true experiences show that reincarnation is a true human spirit process. However a lot less is written as to how the whole process works and more detail as to why we go through the process.

So I give little of what lives people have gone through and much about human spiritual ‘anatomy’ and how human spiritual life is constructed and evolves and more about what we achieve through repetitive reincarnation and the practice of life problems through many incarnations until we find perfect resolutions to them.

I feature dream analysis within the book because dreams are a major life method of directing our lives-incarnations in understanding what is going on. Like all spiritual conditions, reincarnation, in general, is little explained and we are exhorted to rely on faith alone in any exploration we pursue within spiritual progress. In today’s world as we journey incarnation by incarnation into the Aquarian Age faith alone is neither satisfactory nor acceptable. Today having emerged from the Piscean Age we need and most demand or will not have anything to do with it, some level of intellectual understanding of just what is going on and why and how we do it.


I was born in England during the Second World War, a dark time. To find light, I have been interested in Spirituality all my life. Through mediumship and working with many people, I have gained joy in my life. I want to share this with you. I was taught much about Christianity but by fourteen rejected the teachings. An average student I attended Grammar School. On leaving school I worked in an office at the local big factory. Philosophically I believed in science and evolution and working in industry bought me into contact with many people which I enjoyed. At twenty nine I was married with two l children. I became interested in Spiritualism and it gave me answers to a need for meaningful spiritual understanding. Mediumship gave strong evidence of survival and far from beliefs in illusory Heaven and Hell showed believable descriptions of the astral world beyond. I discovered I was mediumistic and then commenced a life of bringing understanding of

spiritual understanding to other people and messages of love from their relations in the spirit world. In 1972 we emigrated to NSW Australia. At a Spiritualist Church at St Marys NSW, I was soon leading my own group. Later as leader of the Blacktown/Seven Hills Spiritualist Church, I was ordained as Minister of the Victorian Spiritualists Union. Moving to Canberra in 2008, I became Minister of the Canberra Spiritualists Association (CSA). I have now retired from commercial work but continue leading the CSA spreading the wonderful message of Spiritualism. After having been in Spiritualism for 49 years I decided to write 'The Rabbit on the Roof' to convey my understanding of the Spiritual nature of humankind. My book shows that all of humanity can emerge from the darkness of life in the physical to the light of spiritual unfoldment so that a real pathway of spiritual growth and advancement can be achieved. Soon my next book 'Reincarnation Why and How' will also be published.