Unspoken Revivalism
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Alkawther Makki demonstrates her broad imagination by portraying many forms of personas like an actress in different roles. Her innocent character reflects her real life experiences. On the other hand she can be a witty character in her melodramic roles, provoking a new and unsurpassed thrilling form of poetry filled with grand illustrations, captivating readers to an exhilarating edge As an extraordinary philosopher, Alkawther Makki stresses her incentives for promoting a grandeur ethical humanity; which may be sensed in poems and strongly expressed in proverbs, vindications and assertions. Her theories and definitions, quotes, and vignettes add to this overpowering literary tool for youth, students, teachers and any person pursuing formal or self education.


Alkawther Makki is an Author, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Business Student at the University of Michigan. Her first book titled Unspoken Revivalism is an educational work of art; consisting of poetry, philosophy, figures of speech, and critical thinking questions. She has been a Public Speaker for various poetry conventions.