Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction
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More About This Title Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction


This work presents itself as a soul's expression of compassion, a partial memoir, and a time capsule as it recognizes 2016 as a pivotal year in our development. It serves to develop dialogue from a single point or word to a general view of reality, placing our reality partially under our control. This is illustrated by events in the author's life with the aim to ground the readers' experience of the material. It's an inspirational guide to the seeker who is encouraged to take the long view to see the value of the changes that have occurred. It is almost an alternative route to unlocking one's gifts and heightening awareness.


The author is a middle-aged, Caribbean-born family man who, though exposed to many schools of thought, has found it difficult to reconcile seemingly opposing views. The author grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and has traveled through the Caribbean region and the United States, observing the way people live. After years of public service and studying sociology, a unique outlook has emerged. He outlines a journey and experience of awakening and sharing in this partial memoir. J. Pascall encourages community and compassion and a gentle self-critiquing system to heighten our experience. The author promotes self-reliance and self-confidence to arrest the flavor of our lives