Deep Down the Rabbit Hole
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An extensively illustrated, thought-provoking blend of forbidden subjects and unexplained world mysteries, Deep Down the Rabbit Hole: Reality is Not What You Think, challenges established beliefs, views, norms and current structures on a journey unveiling the hidden mysteries of mankind: past, present and reality itself. Imagine: Prison planet earth - proof of human recycling after death and collective amnesia. Mysterious buildings popping up overnight, dead people turning out to be alive, half-human hybrids among us: these scenarios once confined to science fiction are now part of our reality. One of the most important mysteries of all time solved. Rediscovered and unveiled: an ancient artifact capable of changing human history, providing limitless free energy, interstellar travel and physical longevity. This groundbreaking book deciphers cross-cultural symbols and meticulously analyses language to weave ancient global myths, stories and art into a matrix of interconnected mysteries replete with sagas of ancient atomic wars, interstellar travels, genetic engineering and even the use of artificial intelligence. It reveals the truth behind our current state as pawns for parasitic elites, dispensable batteries for economies and mass consumers of unworthy products, ideologies, entertainment and prescribed dreams. The mind-blowing information and stunning conclusions will radically alter the way we view the world and ourselves. "Deep Down the Rabbit Hole" provides the reader with an assemblage of nearly all that we don't know nor completely understand in spite of modern science and common sense, but yet have experienced by individuals throughout our human history up to today. It is written in an entertaining style with "tons" of illustrations and I'm sure you will find it worthwhile pondering the mysteries it explores. --Fred Alan Wolf PhD, aka Dr. Quantum(R), author of many books and audio courses including Parallel Universes, The Yoga of Time Travel and Dr. Quantum Presents: Do-it-Yourself Time Travel.


Adin Kachisi is an award-winning author, unconventional thinker and researcher challenging entrenched views and sharing insights on an urgent need to rethink and redesign our society. Residing in New York, he holds an M.A. degree in Urban Planning from the University of Hertfordshire and a Graduate Diploma in Interdisciplinary studies from the University of Western Australia. His broad experience also includes arts and humanities, and built environment design, allowing him effective interdisciplinary analysis on various subjects. His work can be viewed at