Sometime I... I... I Think. . ?
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This book is the experience of the authors life through his peers and him himself. Looking through his world in a poetic mind is how he accomplished this intriguing manifestation of life. Reading through these pages is an experience itself. There is joy throughout these pages. Love and grace. There is confusion and misbelief. You will find God throughout these pages, because him himself is incredible. There are delectables and special friends. Enjoy.


I am a young male at the ripe age of 40. I was born in Carol City, Florida in Jackson Memorial Hospital on January 6, 1979.

I believe that I was born with a vision. A vision to be able to see pass people errors. Though as a child I used to bring home stray animals once a week. My mom always wondered how I got those animals to follow me home. My curiosity guided me a long way. Raised in Connecticut after being uprooted from Florida, life had become diversified. My very own curiosity was questioned and demanded. Kind of a don’t ask don’t tell. Experiencing a great deal of life, I kept with reading and writing as my hobby until I was able to complete this book of complicated abstract poetry.