Wendy Goes to Junior High School
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More About This Title Wendy Goes to Junior High School


Wendy has mixed feelings about starting junior high school. She wants to be popular and fit in by wearing the right clothes and saying and doing the right things. One minute she hates boys and the next minute she finds boys are pretty exciting, even Russell Rogers, who has bullied her all of her life. Being a teenager is definitely a confusing and challenging job! See what happens when the most popular boy in the school asks Wendy to dance and the most popular girl gets jealous of Wendy! Don't miss this exciting story combined with laughter and a touch of romance that will keep you wanting to read more!


Christy Webb has been an avid reader all her life. She especially enjoys a fun romance with unexpected plot twists. Ever since she was a little girl, teachers and friends have begged her to share her funny life experiences by turning them into delightful and memorable fictional stories. She lives in Utah with her loving husband, who is the perfect role model for all of her heroes!