The Datura Solution
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Max Foreman has just come back from a military mission in Africa. What should have been a simple in-and-out covert operation turned into a multiple-week ordeal punctuated by a trail of bodies from Africa to Europe. Worse, Max realizes that the team was betrayed. Escaping to Spain, Max is witness to the kidnapping of Lena, a multibillionaire Russian beauty whom he falls in love with after saving her life. Max's relationship with Lena will change his life forever as she is an oligarch trying to fend off organized crime attempts to rob her of her fortune. Max is suddenly thrown into a battle for Lena's life as well as his own. What starts as a love affair with Lena and the prospect of a life of leisure turns out to be anything but. Max must muster all his allies to fight forces that he barely understands and that have the support of the Russian prime minister. He must operate in a world of intrigue and murders, where the only solution to problems is to eliminate them. The Datura Solution is a tale of love, tragedy, brutality, perversion, and unrestrained greed that builds into a fight for survival not only for Max but for all his associates in the unforgiving world of Russian oligarchs.


Patrick Faure was born in Monaco and has spent most of his life in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. A polymath and an avid reader, Patrick has published four previous. The Datura Solution is the first book of the Max Foreman Series. Patrick has a comprehensive academic background in philosophy, foreign languages, and information systems and is also an accomplished painter ( A retired US Army officer, Patrick has extensive military and diplomatic experience and is passionate about ancient history. Patrick has three grown children who reside in the United States, and he currently lives in London.