What Do You Mean My House Has a Septic Tank?
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Today, more than one out of every four homes, over twenty-six million residences, rely on some form of on-site treatment system to treat and dispose of household wastewaters.

This book is your key to unlocking the mysteries of your onsite wastewater treatment system. It's a map of knowledge written especially for you, the homeowner.

With this easy read, you can:

1. Reduce the amount of money that you spend each year on your septic tank system or cesspool.
2. Save money on additives and "starters" by understanding performance claims and advertising
3. Learn how to prevent catastrophic system failure
4. Learn what's important when you select a new system
5. Learn once and for all what's okay and what's not okay to put down the drain.
6. Learn how garbage disposers and water softeners affect your system.
7. Learn simple procedures that you can do that let you know if your system needs cleaning.


Anthony (Tony) Wachinski, PhD, is the President and Founder of Wisewater Global LLC. He lives in Oyster Bay, NY together with his wife Linda and cats Westin and Mitzy. Dr. Wachinski is a recognized technical expert on the processes used to purify water and wastewater, with special expertise on the design and operation of septic tanks.