Denial Is a River in Egypt
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WHAT is normal? Is it represented by a boring, mundane, grinding routine? An existence many of us take for granted and curse at times for being so predictable? Perhaps. But one day, it is suddenly gone Young mum Indy had a "normal" life. But then it changed. Plunged into the unfamiliar, Indy struggles to comprehend what has happened. Has the existence she took for granted forever gone? She has questions nobody can answer. Her journey turns inwards. Bitter with deep resentment, Indy's anger consumes her. Her downward spiral is only interrupted when tragedy strikes. Numb, uncovers truths that change her. Lessons about tolerance, love and acceptance await her. A real story about a family and their struggles for equality. Dashed hopes and broken dreams either make or break people. Can they make it? Will their efforts make a difference? Where will this journey lead them? Reality is hard to ignore. Sometimes life drags you in the directions you need to go. It's normal to resist. What's the harm in looking around at the sights and colours the world has to offer? Feel them. Live them.


LIBERTY HUNTER is a wife, registered nurse, and mother of three. Born and raised in Australia, she has lived with the mysteries and rewards of having an autistic child. Autism makes for a harsh environment, on as diverse and extreme as those people it has affected over the course of time. This is Liberty's first book. She is pleased to be able to present the perspective contained herein Invisible disability challenges many people, because when others can't "see it" they struggle to understand its impact and even question its existence.