Baggage Burdens
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Jill Kreshky has not had an easy life, and the latest incident is no exception. She has been separated from her Ukrainian husband, Joseph, for six months when she is involved in a horrific car accident that leaves her seriously injured and lying in a hospital bed.

Desperate to find someone to care for her children while she recovers, Jill has no one else to turn to except Bill Wynchuk, a recently widowed friend who is burdened with guilt over abandoning his wife in her final months of life and his failure to save Jill and Joseph's marriage. As Bill willingly steps in to help, Jill is transported back into her memories and to a dark time when she was forced to escape her alcoholic father's beatings, find refuge with her grandmother, and ultimately marry a man she did not love. With Bill at her side, Jill embarks on a journey of recovery where she bravely faces haunting demons from the past and learns that psychological scars take the longest to heal.

Baggage burdens. shares the story of one woman's quest to find healing, forgiveness, and peace after fleeing a life of abuse and unhealthy relationships.