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The "Benefit and Loss" is the intellectual poem that depicts the hidden demission of the repressive regimes of the world, their ideologies, political dogmas, myths and the limited immunity powers, which represented not only by misusing of the super military powers against their nations to protect themselves, but also by their exploitation of the humanitarian causes such as Palestine's Issue to lure their people with false victory, liberation and heroism. As a result of that they collapse. Therefore, the freedom, justice and peace benefit. The poem also explains the teleological view of the world and history that Palestine will liberalize when human beings will have their complete freedom. Then, the true will prevail and it will bring the universal, real and justice peace.


Words can not adequately express how grateful I am to my friend and the author Dr. M.T. Al-Mansouri for his contribution "Human Beings Trinities," which are set in the human psyche. Hope and the necessary struggle against evil will lead us to an everlasting peace.

Hey Mackawee,
Ottawa's Mothers for Peace, CANADA

As usual, M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D. combines in his short stories wisdom, beauty, Godly preaching and exhortation. He warns simultaneously the consequences of the present and predicts the future. His style of writing has the depth of ancient stories. At times, he weaves his ideas and philosophy into a narrative, adding a deeper meaning to the stories. His microscopic and meticulous stories come from the lost Sheba's testament. Their old and narrative appearance they take us back to the milieu of Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba and into the arms of the first civilization.

Dr. Afnan El Qasem,
Professor of Literature at Sorbonne University, FRANCE