Precious Gems
The newest illustrated guide to modern gems.

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This richly illustrated book contains information about both widely known and exotic gemstones. More than 800 high-quality professional photos of jewelry and precious stones from the best jewelry photographer of Russia Alexander Zhiltsov.
Gemological characteristics, prices, evaluation methods and the mystical properties of stones - all in one book.


The author was born in 1974. He graduated from the MPEI (Russia) with Master degree in Industrial Electronics. Since 1999, a certified specialist in Information Technologies and IT management (Microsoft, ITIL, etc.). In 2009, he graduated from Kingston University (UK) with Master of Business Administration degree. In 2013 he got A.J.P. GIA, and in 2014 G.G. GIA. Alumni of Rapaport Academy. The author of five Russian books about gemstones. Journalist, author of more than 80 articles on the subject of gemstone expertise and Information Technologies, a member of the Union of Journalists.
Currently engaged in advising corporate and private clients on a wide range of issues, including in areas related to precious stones and information technology.


Review of the book in the Russian newspaper "Reporter" from April 11, 2019.

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