The book about the modern diamonds market
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A well-illustrated book dedicated to how to choose, evaluate, and purchase the right diamond in the modern world.

There is a large amount of literature devoted to diamonds. What distinguishes this particular book from all the others? Here I tried to gather everything that I know myself about these precious stones today. The diamond industry is constantly changing. Now, synthetic diamonds in jewelry are no longer fiction, and colorless stones are no longer a good investment. In addition, since I am Russian, there is some specificity that relates to the jewelry market of Russia, which is very different from the rest of the world.

You find there the history of diamonds, methods of their evaluation and falsification. How to find out that a diamond is genuine and truly precious? I will tell about it. Even lovers of mysticism and lithotherapy will not go unheeded, although I personally am skeptical about everything that goes beyond the limits of traditional science.


The author was born in 1974. He graduated from the MPEI (Russia) with Master degree in Industrial Electronics. Since 1999, a certified specialist in Information Technologies and IT management (Microsoft, ITIL, etc.). In 2009, he graduated from Kingston University (UK) with Master of Business Administration degree. In 2013 he got A.J.P. GIA, and in 2014 G.G. GIA. Alumni of Rapaport Academy. The author of five Russian books about gemstones. Journalist, author of more than 80 articles on the subject of gemstone expertise and Information Technologies, a member of the Union of Journalists.
Currently engaged in advising corporate and private clients on a wide range of issues, including in areas related to precious stones and information technology.


Table of Content

History of diamonds
Since Year One to the emerging of jewelry empire “De Beers”
“De Beers” empire world monopoly
Modern diamonds
Evaluation systems and price of diamond
Diamond color
Diamond clarity
Weight of diamond in carat
Diamond cut grade
Other characteristics affecting the price of diamond
Fancy colored diamonds
Yellow and brown diamonds
Pink diamonds
Red diamonds
Blue diamonds
Orange diamonds
Green diamonds
Black diamonds
How to buy the fancy colored diamonds
Price of diamonds
Synthetic diamonds
Treatment (enhancement) of diamonds
Clarity enhancement
Color enhancement
How discern the synthetic and enhanced diamonds
A little bit more about fluorescence
Imitations of diamond
The latest news about fakes and imitations
Certification of the diamonds
Investment in diamonds and “the investment diamonds”
Metaphysic and mystic properties of diamond
About the author