Multiplying Disciples
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How do we raise up radical disciples that change neighborhoods and nations? Discipleship is not the call for the few but for all who follow Jesus. We are all called to become and to make multiplying disciples. In Multiplying Disciples, Phil Wilthew explores the three-dimensional life of every disciple, unveiling an easily transferable toolkit for living life like Jesus. Wilthew considers the upward life of red-hot devotion to God, the inward life of character in community, and the electrifying outward call to make a difference in the world in Jesus name. Jesus' discipleship model has now become our mandate for multiplication, and the goal of this book is to help release radical disciple-making disciples all over the world, who can perpetuate the glory of God wherever they go, into every sphere of society. Promotional video available at:


Phil Wilthew is a prophet and teacher based at the Kings Arms Church in Bedford, UK where a rediscovery of God's Father Heart and the message of the Kingdom has led to the creation of a pioneering and radical community of believers. Wilthew is the author of Developing Prophetic Culture.