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The objective in this book is to inspire you by sharing my life lessons. Hopefully, this book will help you create another revenue stream. This book will uplift your mental attitude and bring you into better awareness of yourself.If you are selling a product or developing a brand, this book is for you. If you want to move the culture forward, get a better business deal, or close a current deal, this book is for you. The information in this book is targeted to independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, go-getters, minorities of the earth's population, and not the majority. Through this book, l will help to motivate all of you who desire to succeed. This will help them start over a more positive life and prosperous business. Are you confused, fearful, depressed, skeptical, feeling trapped, or just want to make a difference? This book will help you on your journey to WIN.Now is the time to step up and assume the responsibility. Accept the challenge and take the risk of going after your dreams. Life is a gamble and it's time to bet on yourself. What you think matters, and what you do can change the world. Your identity is vital. It's time to speak up and be a voice in today's culture.


Gernado Abrams is an entrepreneur to heart. Also known as (G'), he is a multi-talented businessman. This author, producer, artist, CEO is definitely salt of the earth, with a heart that is truly grand. With his business motto - Being Useful Never Giving In (B.U.N.G.I.) - Mr. Abrams is continually building businesses.