Princess Brittany Stephens and the Guardian

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Brittany was a ten-year-old girl who lived with her mother in a small house up in the mountains. She was born and raised in the house where she lived since her father disappeared many years before. Brittany was a lonely little girl. She had no friends, and she had never seen any other kids near her home. She didn't even know if any other kids even existed. She spent most of her days playing down by the river.Brittany was playing near her home down by the Glasgow River. While digging in the dirt, she found a strange metallic box with a pendant in it on a chain buried in the ground near a large oak tree. It was in a strange looking metal box. She wiped off the dirt, walked over to the river and rinsed off the box. She struggled to open the container, and the pendant was covered in muck. She rinsed off the pendant, and she was expecting it to shine, but it was a dull rusty color. She didn't care. Brittany wanted to keep it. She slid the pendant leather strap over her head and around her neck. She tucked it inside of her shirt close to her body, and it began to glow. It produced a bright light and sent a tingling sensation throughout her body. She started to get dizzy and fell to the ground fast asleep. While sleeping, she began dreaming and wished for a friend and a protector for her and her mother. She was always afraid of the king and his soldiers. Unknowns to her, she had just sent for a guardian from a mysterious other realm. She was born into a royal family bloodline, but she was living as a poor commoner among the other peasants in the kingdom.She was a lost princess from hundreds of years ago. When she fell asleep she made a wish and transported her thirty-sixth generation great-grandson from across the galaxy and future timeline from the year 2080 back to the year 992 AD as she slumbered.


Doug Green is a part-time author who lives in the small town of Cortland Illinois