East Africa, 1960's - By Camera and Diary

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This book describes events and adventures which occurred during a two year time period, from 1961-63, when U.S. college graduates went to East Africa as teachers. It includes exploration during five major road trips, events during two years of teaching and living in the remote village of Malangali, Tanganyika, and experiences that occurred during numerous hunting trips in regions which are now protected by parks and reserves.


The author's was raised on a farm in Tehama County, northern California. After obtaining a General Secondary Teaching Credential at Chico State College, he was selected to join a federally funded group project that sent teachers to East African schools. After completing the two year teaching contract, he joined another teacher and drove by Land Rover north through the Sudan and Egypt, then shippedthe vehicle to Lebanon and drove through the Middle East to Nepal. After returning to the U.S., he completed a master's degree at Chico State College and Ph.D. at the Univ. of California at Davis. As a faculty member in colleges of veterinary medicine, the author taught in four different universities over a span of 35 years. Father of three sons, he and is wife now live in Phoenix, Oregon.