Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

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DIFP X marks a major turning point in 20th century Irish foreign policy. It covers Ireland's 1955 admission to the United Nations. This massive change to Irish foreign policy, revealed for the first time in the original documents of the 1950s in DIFP X, is the point from which Ireland's global place amongst the nations in the 21st century originates. The volume covers the key themes of 1950s Irish foreign policy - UN membership, the renewed IRA campaign in Northern Ireland, the Suez Crisis, the Soviet Invasion of Hungary and the threat of a nuclear war. For the first time light is shed on the preparation of 'the War Book', the state manual through which Ireland would make its transition to World War Three. The highly sensitive issue of the overseas adoption of Irish children is covered in detail, providing a documentary source like no other available into this difficult chapter of Irish history. (Series: Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, Vol. 10) [Subject: Irish Studies, History]