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Victor Ferraro is a heroic and chivalric knight plucked from the Middle Ages and stuck in late 1990s New Jersey, or so he’d like to believe. More interested in dreaming up sweeping epics than learning how to subtract, Victor often catches himself staring out the window of his first-grade classroom, imagining battlefields riddled with arrows and orc corpses. But his new real-life nemesis may be too powerful for Victor to defeat. A Goliath in chestnut top-siders, Pierce Stone wields a weapon more powerful than any battle-ax or broadsword. And Victor soon learns that at his new school, kids like Pierce Stone fight with words. Victor’s smattering of Itanglish might not be enough to take on his new enemy, but his obsession with Hell might just save him yet. Follow Victor, from his impressionable childhood to the formidable years of high school, on his search for Hell—his own ordained quest for the Holy Grail, woven throughout his life like a thread of darkness.


Lunchmeat is Ben D’Alessio’s second novel. His first novel, Binge Until Tragedy, is available in hard copy and e-book formats. He lives in New Orleans with a very mischievous cat named Kennedy.