The Sports Tourists Guide to the English Premier League, 2018-19 Edition

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More About This Title The Sports Tourists Guide to the English Premier League, 2018-19 Edition


2ND EDITION: Updated to include all three newly-promoted teams, Fulham, Cardiff City and Wolverhampton. Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Premier League, brought to you by two veteran American sportswriters and soccer enthusiasts.The English Premier League isn't a secret club in America any more.More and more casual fans are tuning in to the Premier League. They're watching on TV, they're showing up at the pub on Saturday mornings and they're starting to plan their vacations around a trip to England. And that's why every American Premier League fan needs a copy of this book.What the authors created is a Premier League resource written from an American perspective. They walked the towns, went to the pubs and talked to the locals. And they brought back some special, in-depth tips.The Sports Tourists Guide to the English Premier League is accessible to beginners, people just starting to follow the Premier League. But its also informative and entertaining for the veteran Premier League fan, who've been following the league for years.If you're thinking about traveling to England to see a Premier League game – there are resources in this book to help you. The authors didn't contact any of the clubs before they went. They didn't attempt to get press passes or freebies. They went through the same process as everyone else. And they've shared their opinions without influence.They attempted to buy tickets the same way everyone would, so they could spot any tricks or glitches in the process. Buying tickets in England is a lot different than here in the US. Inside, they share the best way to get tickets for all 20 current Premier League teams, individually. And that's not all. They also put together the pertinent facts about all 20 clubs, including their history, past and present, in easy-to-understand bits. They'll tell you who each club's biggest rival is and how many trophies they've won. If you read this book, you'll walk into any stadium in the Premier League – confident that you know your stuff and you're ready to rub shoulders with local fans.Even if you don't plan to travel to England, the longer essays on each team help you live vicariously through the authors, and gain deeper knowledge of these clubs, their town, and their fans.


Franklin Canterbury