Arena of War

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Relationships, addictions, heartache, doubt and emotional pain. People thought she had somehow escaped them, but there is no escaping. This is war, earth is our arena, and life our battle. So many people allow themselves to get caught up in the notion that they fight their battles alone. They get lost, or feel hopeless and unsalvageable.In Arena of War Jess shares her personal story of imperfection and perseverance through the battles of her own life. She takes us through various stories, and gives us a raw inside look at the struggles of heart. Through childhood memories, first crushes, and heartbreaks, struggles with pornography and "home rules," through dating and marriage, and struggles with sexual intimacy, you will laugh, cry, and cringe. Arena of War reminds us as warriors of Christ to stand up and not let the enemy keep us knocked down. She encourages us to let the wounds of the past heal over and to let our scars be a reminder of what Christ has led us through. Recommended for females age 16+, or for anyone who has ever felt discouraged or alone in their battles or unworthy to be forgiven, Arena of war is an inspiration to keep fighting.


Jess Ventura has forever loved to write and is passionate about relationships. Over the years, her relationship with Christ has fueled her passion for inspiring and encouraging people in her own quiet ways. Jess lives in western New York with her husband Adam, and loves spending quality time with him, friends and family. She considers herself to be mischevious, an adventurer, and a free spirit at heart.