Cry from the Highest Mountain

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If you had something really important to shout about, you could do worse than to climb to the point furthest from the centre of the Earth – some 2,150 metres higher than the summit of Everest – to do it.

Their goal was to raise money and awareness to help fund new schools in Tibet. Their mission was to shout out peace messages they had collected from children around the world in the lead up to the Millennium. They wanted to promote Earth Peace by highlighting Tibet and the Dalai Lama’s ideals.

The team comprised Tess Burrows, a mother of three in her 50s; Migmar, a young Tibetan prepared to do anything for his country but who had never been on a mountain before; and two accomplished mountaineers in their 60s.

For Tess, it became a struggle of body and mind, as she was symbolically compelled towards the highest point within herself.


Tess Burrows was born in Southern England in 1948 and educated at Bedales School. She gained a degree in Ecological Science from Edinburgh University and moved to Australia to grow trees. In 1984 she returned as the mother of three young boys, with the gentleness of motherhood being paramount. In 1990, hit by the realisation that it is possible to help the Earth and make a difference, she started climbing and using this medium for a number of unusual events raising awareness and funds for charity.

In 1998 she founded Climb For Tibet with her partner Pete. Together they undertook various “peace climbs”, raising over £130,000 for building schools in Tibet for underprivileged children and other humanitarian and environmental projects.

Best-selling author of Cry from The Highest Mountain, peace activist, climbing instructor, healer, motivational speaker and grandmother of four little ones – one of whom was born the same day as Touch the Sky.