The Tails and Trails of Iceman and Yogi

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More About This Title The Tails and Trails of Iceman and Yogi


The Tails and Trails of Iceman and Yogi is a hilarious book based on true stories about two delightful Golden Retrievers, and their kind-hearted, overly zealous owner, Mr. Speckles. Living in the mountains invites many escapades for these characters. With many mishaps along the way, usually everything turns out okay for Mr. Speckles and his two wonderful Golden Retrievers. Come join in the fun for a winter adventure in the snow. Read about these true events about living in the mountains. What will happen next for these silly characters? Surely this will be a memorable book to be enjoyed by all.


Colleen Schleider is a devoted author of children's books. As an empty-nester, she enjoys writing about whimsical fun adventures that warm the hearts of children and adults, alike. Her children's books are aimed at providing a positive and delightful story for young children and readers.Colleen Schleider's newest book, Tails and Trails Of Iceman and Yogi, is just another fun loving story. Enjoy reading about these two Golden Retrievers and their escapades with their kind-hearted owner, Mr. Speckles. It will surely bring smiles and joy.