You Go Girl: Start. Build. Sell.

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Find out how to turn the vision of a successful business into reality—with just the right attitude, approach and skills. You Go Girl has tricks and tips for starting a business from nothing, building it up, and selling it for a multimillion-dollar profit. Tactics are relevant to the corporate world as well. The stories are entertaining and the guidance is easy to implement.


Sharon A. Davison, Ph.D. is a talented entrepreneur with a passion for business. She began her career designing innovative solutions in the field of human-computer interaction and usability. Sharon added strategic marketing, program management and communication to her toolbox and parlayed her expertise into building her own multimillion-dollar business, which she later sold for a substantial profit. Sharon is an educator as well as a business owner and she has taught graduate level courses at the University of Seattle as an adjunct professor. She also delivers speeches and consults with business owners to guide them through the growth of their businesses. Sharon has a Bachelor of Science in psychology and sociology, as well as a Master of Arts in experimental psychology. She also has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology with a concentration in human-computer interaction. "I watch people and I observe them," Sharon explains. "I study how and why they interact with each other, how they use products, and what they do with technology. Understanding customers' motivations and desires will always come in handy when running a business."