Blood Is Thicker Than Wine

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After her father's death, Lil Starling, a resourceful federal probation officer, discovers information hidden in dusty old carboard boxes that recounts the only double homicide that took place in her home town of Warsaw, NY. She is shocked to learn that her grandfather's handwritten notes seem to implicate her own father and her relatives in the double murder that is over 75 years old. She gradually goes through all the boxes that she was handed as part of her father's estate, but enlists the help of her friend, a federal judge, to help her find out who was responsible for the murders. All the players are deceased, which makes the task even more difficult, but now, after her father's death, the probation officer and judge combine their resources to get to the bottom of the case. The closer she gets to determining the real killer, the more her life is in danger.Lil learns that during the time of the double murder, Lil's mother, a big city model falls for her father in that small town in Western New York. Her mother already has insecurities over a lost love and that makes her most vulnerable to, what is described as a small-town womanizer, soon to be lawyer. The model's father, a law enforcement official working under cover, discovers something sinister happening in that town that is part of his daughter's family and now it is part of Lil's.


Liz is a retired United States Probation Officer from the Middle District of North Carolina where she worked in her law enforcement career for 21 years. She enjoys reading fiction, writing, relaxing on the beach and drinking good wine. She lives in Mocksville, NC with her husband and dog. She loves to spend time with her two children and two step children. She grew up in Warsaw, NY, the quaint town in Western New York which she writes about in this story, and she makes regular trips there because her closest and dearest friend still lives there.