The Spirit of Wood

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Juraj Cutek is one of the most remarkable Slovak artists. He is mainly known for his sculptures of wood combined with ready-made metal elements. Cutek´s works oscillate between the imaginary and real worlds, drawing inspiration from history, music, mythology, and circus art. His sculptures feature a highly distinctive style and dynamic rendering. Although they are static and firmly attached to their base, each of them gives its own unique theatrical performance in playful and lively posture.


Jurej Cutek studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. After his studies, he worked in Bratislava as a freelance artist on small sculptures as well as interior design work and sculptural furniture. Cutek is also a painter and drawer. He has exhibited his artwork in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, and Israel and participated in many sculpture symposia in Slovakia and abroad. He was a member of Gerulata Association of Artists, and the founding member of Spectrum ART Society. In January 2018 he was awarded by the Crystal Wing Award for Visual Art.