Equal & Empowered

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Equal & Empowered: Essays, Poems, & Art Inspired by Feminism by Young Students Around the World is a collection of student work across a broad range of mediums. This book was inspired by so much more though; it’s the culmination of young students coming together to educate their peers on feminism and invite change in their respective communities, and even beyond on a global scale. What began as a school group to engage in conversation about gender inequality and raise awareness about the true definition of feminism, blossomed into the efforts to create something tangible, that could further their mission and exemplify their thoughts and opinions on feminism. The Equal and Empowered group was validated in their ideas when they received monetary funding from the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank to create this book, but even more importantly, they gained mentorship from incredible women for a year, an experience that rolled over into an additional year and proved invaluable. The young women and men featured among the pages of Equal & Empowered are poignant, witty, exemplary, and thought-provoking in their words and in their art. They have stories to tell, ideas to share, and they invite and encourage others to join in the conversation. The young contributors are working towards ending the stigma and letting the world know feminism is for everyone.


Beth Benton Buckley has conceptualized, designed, and curated dozens of titles in myriad subjects including: architecture, celebrity event design, hospitality, interior design, travel, and wineries. She is the author of I Do… Destination Florida, Love Is Love, Mastering Beauty, and Some Like It Hot. She lives in Delray Beach, Florida.