Aquarium Making- Fishkeeping & Maintenance

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PrefaceFor centuries, fish have been found worthy of keeping as pets or in captivity by people and the interests have grown continually due to the many fun ways of making the aquarium and caring for the fish. Fish has become one of the most popular pets in many parts of the world. Fish-keeping has been advanced in recent decades with fancier and easier methods and even the breeding of fish for pets has improved greatly in terms of techniques.This book is for both experienced fish-keepers who have had aquariums for a considerable period of time and for new aquarium hobbyists alike. It is for those who want to build and set up their own aquariums and for those who wonder how they can dismantle the aquarium accessories and still be able to set up the aquarium to function appropriately. It also aims at teaching how to properly maintain an aquarium; feed the fish adequately, and know when they are sick or need attention and take good care of them.A lot has been learnt about different types of fish that can be nicely kept as pets in aquariums. We now want to keep beautiful fish like the goldfish, those with striking colours such as the zebra danios and even the odd-looking ones like the leaf-fish and longnose. We have come to know fish which can survive long in aquariums, types of environment that favour some particular fish, compatibility of fish, etc.The book will surely serve as an elaborate guideline which I believe will also enable anyone interested in the aquarium hobby to benefit from and even study further, especially in deeper areas like breeding. It starts with the make-up of an aquarium in chapter 1. Chapter 2 renders several crucial tips while chapter 3 dwells on feeding and gives some tips on breeding. No one will ignore the challenges or common problems and diseases associated with keeping an aquarium and these are treated in chapter 4. The most commonly kept aquarium pet, the goldfish get chapter 5 and finally, in chapter 6, a step-by -step approach in setting up an aquarium is outlined; and this will help those who just want to set up an aquarium right away.First published as an eBook, the book contains new sections and updates to existing sections. In addition, a set of exercises and multiple-choice questions have been added at the end of each chapter to help students and hobbyists alike.


I am Mundy Obilor Jim. I am a fan of writing and publishing. My interests range from music production to eBook/print design, aquariums and poetry.