Too Damn Dumb to Think

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Over sixty years ago Diana Wright was an abused Minnesota farm girl, oldest of five, the only bastard. The incessant work then, possibly the driving force behind her nine years of college, work as a heart valve engineer within Corporate America and the dream of something better. This memoir describes a conflicted middle-aged woman, founder and owner of a Medical Manufacturing company who is faced with her husband’s devious attempt to take over her company; a backpacking trip meant for rest and resolution that resulted in debilitation—wheelchairs, drugs, and confusion; and emerging desire so forceful that it shattered her identity.


DIANA WRIGHT was born illegitimately to a French-Canadian housewife in 1947, raised on a small dairy farm in rural Minnesota where she was repeatedly told by her stepfather that she was “too damn dumb to think.” Whether in spite of or because of the early personal abuse and hardships, she went on to earn a degree in Biological Science at CSU Fullerton, work within Corporate America developing tissue heart valves and later founded a Medical Manufacturing Company. She has an ability to recognize opportunities and make things happen within meager budgets. Diana loves photography, nature and working with wood. She is presently building a full-sized covered wagon and strives for excellence in all that she tackles.

Dr. BERNIE DeCOKE is from Belgian heritage with the hard work ethic and determination that has led her to earning four college degrees. With an MA in Psychology/Guidance and Counseling from University of Northern Colorado she became a college instructor and therapist guiding students and clients to build a core of dignity and self-respect. As a Naturopathic Doctor she was able to add the physical aspect of well-being and later with a doctorate in Metaphysics she completed the body, mind and spirit triad she believes necessary for total health. Bernie loves designing and recently completed a bathroom and kitchen remodel in their home. She also enjoys baking.