Tell Me About Yourself
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Tell Me about Yourself
Six Steps for Accurate and Artful Self-Definition

Introductions are a jump start for all our conversations. When done well, we effectively express our core values and life's work and, in doing so, open ourselves to a world of new connections and professional possibilities. When delivered poorly, conversations can fizzle and, unfortunately, opportunities fade.

Author and entrepreneur Holley M. Murchison knows firsthand how challenging introductions can be—at the age of thirty-three she's had over twenty-three jobs and started two businesses. That's meant a
lot of introductions! It's also meant figuring out how to tailor introductions to different situations with different desired outcomes. In this book, Murchison shares the foolproof method she developed for pulling all the pieces of your life together and conveying the perfect, memorable response to that inevitable command: “Tell me about yourself.”

Created for dynamic beings constantly redefining themselves, their work, and the world around them,
Tell Me about Yourself pairs interviews and case studies with a simple, scalable framework, helping you craft and deliver comprehensive, compelling, and generally kick-ass introductions and personal stories for yourself, your team, or your company. This book presents a six-step process that transforms introductions into self-definition, going far beyond the dryness of job title, hometown, or interests and instead articulating how your motivations and values shape the choices and moves you make in life.

She encourages us to get out of our own way, crafting narratives that bring the stories we want to tell about ourselves to life.


Holley M. Murchison is the founder and CEO of Oratory Glory, a communication agency and speaker collective catalyzing diversity by amplifying marginalized voices. She is currently entrepreneur-in-residence at Oberlin College. She was recently featured in Glamour magazine’s activist issue as one of six women using their voices to change the world.