The Government Subcontractor's Guide to Terms and Conditions
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More About This Title The Government Subcontractor's Guide to Terms and Conditions


Navigating Contract Terms and Conditions Just Got Easier!
Organizations are at risk when contract terms and conditions are not fully understood. 
The Government Subcontractor's Guide to Terms and Conditions quickly guides you through the process of reviewing and negotiating contracts, identifying terms and conditions of concern, and mitigating potential risks. Author Kenneth Segel has tapped over 20 years of contract experience to write a handbook that walks even the most junior contracts administrator through the daunting task of reviewing and negotiating a government contractor's terms and conditions.
This critical resource will help you
• Determine what specific terms and conditions to address
• Distinguish between a favorable and an unfavorable provision
• Address potentially damaging provisions
• Understand the potential economic impact of indemnification provisions
• Apply risk management to address indemnification provisions
The Government Subcontractor's Guide to Terms and Conditions will guide you through the inevitable challenges of the negotiation process. Put this updated resource to work in your organization today!


Kenneth R. Segel is Division Manager of Contracts at L-3 Communications in Anaheim, California. He previously was the Director of Contracts for AT&T in Columbia, Maryland. He has 22 years of government, commercial, domestic, and international experience in contracting. Throughout his career, he has managed contracts, subcontracts, purchasing, and pricing departments. Mr. Segel has a master’s degree in public administration from San Diego State University.