Building Digital Libraries
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More About This Title Building Digital Libraries


Whether you’re embarking on the challenge of building a digital collection from scratch, or simply need to understand the conceptual and technical challenges of constructing a digital library, this top-to-bottom resource is the ideal guidebook to keep at your side, especially in this thoroughly updated and reworked edition. Demonstrating how resources are created, distributed, and accessed, and how librarians can keep up with the latest technologies for successfully completing these tasks, its chapters walk you step-by-step through every stage. Demystifying core technologies and workflows, this book comprehensively covers

needs assessment and planning for a digital repository;
choosing a platform;
acquiring, processing, classifying, and describing digital content;
storing and managing resources in a digital repository;
digital preservation;
technologies and standards useful to digital repositories, including XML, the Portland Common Data Model, metadata schema such as Dublin Core, scripting using JSON and REST, linked open data, and automated metadata assignment;
sharing data and metadata;
understanding information-access issues, including digital rights management; and
analyzing repository use, planning for the future, migrating to new platforms, and accommodating new types of data.

This book will thoroughly orient LIS students and others new to the world of digital libraries, and also ensure that current professionals have the knowledge and guidance necessary to construct a digital repository from its inception.


Kyle Banerjee has twenty years’ library experience, extensive systems knowledge, and has planned and written software to support ILS, digital collections, and resource-sharing system migrations since 1996. He coauthored two other textbooks about digital libraries and has written numerous articles on library automation.